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The Gospel Messenger booklet is a proven, effective, gospel literature tool, custom designed by IBH to meet your outreach requirements.  The goal of IBH is to help you produce a quality, professional gospel handout.

SAMPLE LAYOUTS AND CONTENT in photo gallery below.

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Product Description

What is in the Gospel Messenger? 

Your choice:  gospel articles, testimonies, assembly photos and activities, assembly info, etc.

 How can it be used ?

1) Invitation:

Special Gospel Series, Daily Vacation Bible Hour,  Bible Camp or other assembly activity. Introduce yourselves and invite your neighbours.

2) Gospel Outreach:

  1. a) A gospel handout suitable for any outreach large or small such as local fairs or literature display tables.
  2. b) As a gospel mailing for difficult to reach areas such as apartments or remote areas of Canada.


Distributing a GM means everyone gets the gospel into their home even if they never actually come out to a gospel series or VBS.

Contact for more information.  We would be pleased to work with you.